Identifying a treadle hook

I have a spare treadle hook I’m trying to identify. It doesn’t fit my C&P 8x12 New Style, so I’m thinking perhaps it’s for an Old Style press. Overall length is 20.5”, opening of the hook is just over 2”. Can anyone help me identify this item?
And—is anyone looking for a treadle hook of this type?

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Can you post a photo on Flickr or some other site? And where are you located?

The hook on my 8x12 OS is 22” and the opening is 1.75” This came off of a 7x11 and is too long. 20.5 might be about the right length and as long as the curve is more then 1.75, it should work.

Sorry about the delay in getting back.
I’m not very up to speed with uploading photos, but I’ll ask my young son! If that doesn’t work, I’ll try to give more accurate/comprehensive dimensions.
I’m in NJ, by the way.

Sorry about the delay in following up on this; had to learn a bit of new technology.
I hope this URL will take you to photos of the treadle hook in question; measurements were given in a previous posting.


I saw your photos. That is the type of hook I am currently using, only mine is longer. I had to raise my press an extra 2” for it to clear the floor. I am posting on flickr, , the other hook which was made at John Hern Iron works in Idaho. They sell both a treadle and hook for various size of C&P. Used to have photos on the site.

If I had to guess, i would say your hook might be for one of several other Gordan type plattens. My flywheel shaft isn’t 2” so it would be a little loose and move about.

The Hern hook is the right length but the thickness of the hook part is such that it binds when the rotatioin comes forward and up. It is too thick to make a complet stroke. I bought some files and will attempt to file it down to see if it works better than the one I use. From tip to tip, it is 22” and from hook tip to hole, 20.5”

This isn’t much help in identifing your hook, i know. But the type you show is the same type I see on most plattens.