Printers in SPAIN/Impresores en España


I (very suddenly) find myself going to Spain for a year. I am hoping to meet and interview printers about their careers.

The purpose of this posting is to search for printers based in Spain! The yellow pages give just 4 listings. Anyone else out there? :)

I realize there are few shops in operation in Spain, and even fewer with printers that will be hanging out on these forums. But it never hurts to ask.

In conducting interviews I will be conforming to the guidelines established by the American Printing History Association for its Oral History Project. Interviews will be transcribed and available for use by other researchers. I speak English and Spanish, but could perhaps find a translator if you prefer another language.

I’d love to tape/transcribe the oral history of anyone who has half an hour to talk. Retired, beginner, any stage of your printing career or hobby.

Thank you!

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Hi there,

You might want to try Oman Impresores in Madrid, I think. And El Calotipo in Zaragoza. Both are new-ish shops/studios.

As far as old shops still operating, you just may well stumble upon some commercial shops, like we did in Vejer de la Frontera this summer. A lot of what’s in Spain isn’t really advertised. ;)

Good luck, seems like a fun project!

India, I’m in Spain at the moment,and I just found a letterpress printer in Sevilla. Seicar artes graphicas,calle Real de la Carreteria, 30 located in the El Arenal district very close to the Plaza del Toros. a small shop with an Adast windmill copy, 2 hand fed platens, and a spainish
cylinder press similar to the Italian Niebolo, the printer was friendly but he would not allow me to take pictures. The shop was his fathers and he followed in his footsteps. He mainly printed for Dr.s and Lawyers and weddings he said
basically nobody wanted to pay for letterpress anymore.
As I go I’ll keep you posted, like C_hersom said a lot is not advertised but the paginas amarillas is a good place to look for empresores de james

if you ever come to portugal, give me a shout :)

Hi India,
just PM’d you!


Spain is full of old print shops with letterpress equipment mixed with newer machines, but they are run by old guys close to retirement. In Madrid you can find Heidelberg Windmills in every printshop, but they use it for numbering and die cutting.

If you have luck, you can enter in one of those print shops and get out with a lot of lead gifts, because they are pleased to find somebody with a genuine interest.

Also, there is a new letterpress revival movement and some people are buying and giving new life to that machines. Here is a little list to google or find in facebook:

Familia Plomez
Oman (with a working linotype)

Granja Grafica

Les Chevalets


El Calotipo

I’m in Familia Plomez, so we’ll be happy to see you.