Kluge backing plate for diecutting

Is there a special type of metal/plate to attach to the platen when die cutting? I have been using standard sheet metal, but not sure if this the best choice.

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i have no preference but stainless steel seems to have become the norm in a medium hardness you are cutting against it with blued steel which should be harder than the base , i use a steel base as that is the norm to myself but i use stainless jackets too .
I should point out i dont run the kluge ,that is a question to send to girl with a kluge she will know where to source or have pointers .

contact Barr-Plate in New Jersey, they sell a clip on jacket for Kluges. My jacket is 30 years old and still in great shape.

Stalprint sheet metal may not be the “best” choice, but if it is working you can use it. I use both sheet metal and the blue hardened steel jackets that you can buy from places like Barr-Plate or Brandtjen & Kluge. I have used formica as a jacket when diecutting magnets. I even used an aluminum cookie baking sheet cut to size for my table top press years ago. All you need to do is protect the platen surface. As long as you are getting a clean cut with what you are using now, you should be fine. Save your money because if you buy a hardened steel jacket it won’t be cheap. It is nice to have a couple of jackets in different thicknesses. Especially if you are changing between diecutting, printing, and foil stamping/embossing. For instance if the last job you ran was a large forme printing job and the next one is a very small die cut,,,say business card slits, you won’t need as much packing, put the thin jacket on. If you were foil stamping and then going to diecutting you might need two jackets to get your platen high enough to cut without having to adjust your platen bolts 6 faces. Contact me if you want pictures of my setup.