Re: Rattled Moo?

I thought it was interesting that Moo cards, probably the biggest online digital business card printer has just introduced a range of 600gsm cards with edge colour aimed at those who might otherwise go the Letterpress route. I reckon they are a little rattled by the resurgence in desire for beautiful craft made cards and printing.

The prices are very keen but it’s still digital printing at the end of the day.

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Thanks for sharing. The video is interesting. Where do you buy the paper from Moo or the paper manufacturer? Imagine that paper printed letterpress…beautiful

They buy the paper and print your uploaded design then mail the cards out to you. They’ve always been quite cheap and cheerful but they are obviously aiming for a different market with this new offering. I might be wrong but I think it is as a direct reaction to the popularity of Letterpress. For example, I’ve never seen a video about their paper supplier before.

I believe the text says they use Mohawk Superfine.

Looked again to realize that it’s a triplex stock, with a colored sheet in the middle. I would suspect that the laminating takes place after printing as I suspect a 600 gsm sheet will not go through much of anything.

Gives another reason for having a nice Potdevin machine around the shop……..

My thought is their Luxe cards could actually be kind of interesting when paired with letterpress printing. I’ve seen some beautiful letterpress printed invitations paired with watercolor or with giclĂ©e printing techniques. Why not find creative ways to pair offset printed cards with something like digital photography on them with some great letterpress printing? I think it could be fun …

For a shop that has an in house digital imaging ability (suspect decent printers are out there) and the appropriate bindery skills, this could make for some very interesting design options to provide a customer. Likewise, one could use triplexed 100 gsm stock to yield a 300 gsm card, which might be more practical for more folks than a 600 gsm shingle.

Only caveat is that I suspect the stock, once triplexed, will be harder than an equivalent non-laminated stock, simply because of the glue content.

Michael Seitz
Missoula MT

A friend gave me her Luxe moo card a while back and I stuck it in my desk drawer. I recently picked it up and it was completely separated in 2. You get what you pay for…

hah. Probably using cheap meth as the adhesive.