Need Help With Info On this Padding Press

I bought this padding press at a local estate sale and was told that it came out of that small town’s press, I found a picture stating it was a padding press on the museums website , I was just wondering what apadding press does ,at what period of time would it have been used and what kind of value it might have. I cant seem to figure out how to post my picture.

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Padding presses are used to make pads of paper. Basically sheets of paper, printed or not, are counted into groups and the groups interleaved with chipboard, and the stack of groups and chipboards are placed in the press and clamped in place with an exposed edge. The exposed edge is painted with padding glue and after the glue dries the pads are cut apart with the chipboard at the bottom of each pad. Padding presses are also used to glue up NCR paper form sets after they’ve been printed. I would guess that these presses date to the 1920s or 1930s, possibly later, though I’ve never seen mention of a history of padding. Because less and less padding is done these days, I would guess the value of such a gadget is minimal.


Thanks for the info Bob.