blackfriars typefoundry london

Looking for any information on the Blackfriars Typefoundry London, would also like to get hold of some founts from the foundry, e.g. Blackfriars, Whitefriars, or any fount named after the London areas.
Is anybody, or does anybody know of a founder casting any of these founts, did Monotype produce any mats?
I would be most grateful for any help.
Hugh Macfarlane
Tudorblack Press, Essex

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I’m on the west side of the pond, but I do have two Blackfriars specimen catalogues c.1917. One is for Jobbing Types and Borders and the other is speciemens of Body Type.
The body types are simply named either Old Face, Old Style or Modern with numerous No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 designations to go with them.

The jobbing (or display) type do have names, which were:

Inclined Gothic series, Whitefriars series, De Vinne series, Whitefriars Italic series, Gothic Sans series, Gothic Sans Ornamental series, Obelisk series, Grotesque series, Cadmus series, Victoria series, Regina series, Waterloo series, Ronaldson extended series, Milan Old Style series, Orante series, B.T.F. Lining Gothic series, Garcia series, Old Style Antique series, Tudor Black series, Blackfirars Roman series, Blackfriars Italic series, B.T.F. Bold Latin series, B.T.F. Condensed Bold Latin, Condensed Sans series, Elongated Sanserif series, “Royal” Condensed Sans, Gothic series, Ionic Series, Extended Clarendon series, Medium Face Typewriter, and Remington Typewriter.

Your best chance of actually getting BTF fonts are to check the pinmark on the body of the type.

Happy hunting!

Many Thanks for the Information,
Would it be possible to get a scan of the Blackfriars & Whitefriars faces?

Sure. But I can also photocopy and mail them to you if you like.

That would be great, if you email at [email protected] I will send you my address.