Press rotation

I have wondered what is the correct or prefered direction of rotation for a C&P old style. Should the top of the flywheel move away from the operator, that is counter clockwise or toward the operator, that is clockwise? Does it matter ?

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The large driving wheel should turn in a counter-clockwise motion; that is, the wheel should turn away from the operator. I have been a printer most of my life (78 years old) and have never seen nor operated a Chandler & Price in any other manner. I currently own two C&Ps, 8x12 and 10x15, as well as a small pilot press. I use them to print covers of books that I publish and to score the covers for binding.

It would print either way, but as Neil says, the flywheel should turn away from the operator. If you ever need to grab the flywheel to stop the press, you will be less likely to break your wrist that way.