Finding a reliable press for large runs?

Hi have a teeny-tiny one press shop and do just fine with my limited edition prints and cards. But I am in the situation where I need much larger runs that I can not produce myself anymore. I am in the Chicago area and know of Rohner Letterpress but want to have a few other names to contact as well. I am looking for a shop that can produce (print & score) cards in the thousands (2-3 colors each) on paper of my choosing (Crane’s Lettra 300gsm pearl). Ideally I would like to find someone that has the ability (or outsources) to also help package the cards and help me ship them off to their destination (a large National retailer).

Any advice or suggestions in this area would be well appreciated.

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We are the sister company of a Manhattan letterpress shop and operate 2 production run Heidelberg Windmills in our NJ plant

If you are interested in using us for your longer production runs email me at [email protected]

Dear Kelly,
Congratulations on being picked up by a National retailer! How exciting for you, and all the best in your new venture!!