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Somehow the name of this page has escaped all of my studies. Usually the second or fourth page of a book, this page details all of the publisher, print-run and library cataloging information. Is there a name for this page? Please help me.

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I believe that you may be referring to what we call the Copyright page.

Rick von Holdt
Meredith Books

That’s what I’ve always called it, but there has to be a better, more formal name for it. Thanks.

I went into my library last night hoping to get a definitive answer for you. I managed to pull out several books that addressed the proper names and order for various pages that make up a book. By far the best and most difinitive information came from The Design of Books, by Adrian Wilson, published by Peregrine Smith Books.(originally published by Reinhold Publishing Corp. in 1967). I have the softcover 1974 edition.

This is probably more information than you are looking for, but it might also be of interest to others. It also indicates whether the particular page should appear on the right or left.

Blank Leaf or Leaves
Bastard Title (often miscalled the Half Title) or Series Title (right)
Advertising Card* (right or left)
Frontispiece (left)
Title Page (right)
Copyright (left)
Dedication (right)
Foreward (right)
Preface (right)
Acknowledgements (right)
Contents (right)
Illustration List (right or left)
Abbreviations (right or left)
Quotations (if separate pages) (right or left)
Introduction (if not by author) (right)
Half Title or Part One Half Title (right)
Introduction (if by author) (right)
The Text (right)
Illustration or Plate Section (right)
Appendix (right)
Notes (right)
Bibliography (right)
Illustrations Credits (right)
Glossary (right)
Index (right)
Colophon (right or left)
Blank Leaf or Leaves

*The Advertisement in another source is defined as “is an almost obsolete feature of the book, being a short note referring to the circumstances under which a work is produced.” However, Wilson defines it as “a list of the author’s works or of the works in a series.”

Each entity listed above has a lengthly definition in my book, way too long to post here.

Rick von Holdt
The Foolproof Press