Pantone Guide and Formula PMS7469U

I need to purchase a new Pantone Formula Guide. What would you recommend and where online? Meanwhile, does anyone have the formula for PMS 7469U that you could share with me in pts and percentage?
Thank you!

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PMS 7469 U is made by mixing:
11-3/8 parts Process Blue or 54.2%
2-5/8 parts Reflex Blue or 12.5%
1-3/4 Parts Pantone Black or 8.3%
5-1/4 Parts Transparent White or 25%

Good luck and don’t use regular black ink it is usually too blue.

Thank you so much for your help! Much appreciated.

I bought mine on ebay for a good price (they have buy it now and of course auctions, I only needed the uncoated). You can also get them for a fair price on