Box Car Press

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone can comment on the response time with the above company. I had been trying to speak to someone there about a boxcar base, left several voice mail messages as well as email - no one answers the phone or replies to emails.. is there a secret to getting through to them, some secret password etc?

On a side note.. anyone want to sell a C&P 10x15 base?

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That’s strange, it might be the holiday week. Boxcar is usually very responsive.

Good luck!

Im guessing the holiday. Try phoning monday. They’re generally VERY responsive and extremely helpful, but I’ve only left voicemails for specific people I was already in touch with.

ok, I will try again next week, thanks for the feedback!

They don’t always answer my email, but they are excellent about taking phone calls, it must be the holiday. They are very professional there.