heidleberg 22x30 die cutter lockup furniture

I have pieces of wood for locking up scores for creasing and the I am having trouble with scores cutting thru in some areas and too lite in others. the wood does not lock up flat and I have to plane it down. Some times it helps, other times it doesnt. I have used metal furniture in the past and do not have this problem as long as the different size pieces are staggered. Aluminum is best its lighter. Where can I get enough of this furniture for a 22x30 chase?

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Try Don:

And then try John:

Maybe one of them has enough metal furniture for your needs, or both might have it together?

Ebay constantly has it come up by the piece as well but that would be pricier than finding a bushel or box of it.

…..or, and this is PURE conjecture, perhaps your furniture is old and warped and new wood furniture might solve your problem?


thank you for the leads.

Hallo, I hope Google has translated correct. Is it that, what you are looking for? But shipping from Germany would be too expansive, or? (34 €)
P.S.: Measured in cm (each yellow part is 10 cm)

image: Schliessstege_Alu.jpg


Chuck, I was thinking about it, and you may also only need enough metal furniture to actually place against the rule or whatever you are creasing/scoring/cutting with? Then it’s just a matter of filling the rest out with wood furniture.

If you need a couple pieces, I don’t have an abundance but I could send you some to see if that solves the problem. email me [email protected] and we’ll talk about it.

Mark,that is very kind of you, but I think I am going 2 have to give up on the metal because the lockups that I must do usually have several scores or perfs and I will need quite a bit of area to lock up. I am going to have to settle for wood furniture and hope it is not warped or twisted, I have seen it new and it is already warped.I just hope the wood I get is decent. I am going to call Sal in Fla. to see if he can cut it to size and inspect it before sending it to me. thanks again, will let you know how it goes.

Just a thought. Have you checked to make sure the chase lies flat without the lockup? Also when locking up a large chase, sometimes it takes several tries to tighten up the quoins evenly.

I have 2 chases and both are fine, the wood furniture I have is pieces of die board cut for me by our diemaker. they are definately warped. time for new real furniture. the plys from the plywood are not holding up to the constant use. single level wood at the sides is the way to go

Oh shoot, PLYWOOD. You should have mentioned. You just need real, solid wood furniture and you should be GTG- Especially fresh furniture. If you still run into problems don’t hesitate to write me and we’ll talk about metal.

Chuck -

I’ve been recycling old, unwarped wood furniture for a while now. I make up starter kits of standard Junior Cabinet sizes for hobbyists. However, I do still have some old, long, straight pieces left in the Giant Cabinet I got from an old letterpress shop a few years ago. I’ll check my inventory; you figure out what you need and we can put together a kit for you that will solve your problem.

I cut my furniture to length on a nice Hammond Glider Trim Saw. it is square and precise to 1 point. After the pieces are cut, the ends are oiled to protect the fresh surface. I’ve been doing this for a few years and have had no complaints. I like to keep it that way.

I also have quite a bit of unorganized metal furniture as well. I have two cabinets full that I use myself, but I also have galleys and boxes of spare stuff I’d already planned to sell some day. Some if it, btw, is aluminum. square, strong and light.

Shoot me a message and let’s chat. I think that I can help you solve this problem.

- Alan

Thanks to all who have responded about this. I ordered new cut furniture from Sal in Fla. He has been in this industry many years. I will post how things go when I receive the order.

I have posted this in the past but am looking again for metal and or aluminum furniture. I need enough for a 22x30 Heidleberg cylinder press. It must all be 5/8 high. I bought some new wood furniture recently but still have to shim 1 or 2 sometimes 3 pts to make things straight. Don’t need the aggravation. All my lockups are multiple folds on bleeds. The registration and straightness are critical. I taper cut every job so I am guaranteed nothing sticks out and is straight when trimmed on guillotine for finishing. Metal furniture is always straight and I am looking to save time on makeready. If u have a decent amount of metal and or aluminum furniture .625 high please let me know. Thanks

I worked at one shop that, for just setting straight scores/perfs, has 3/4 square steel bar, which was lovely stuff for holding the rule straight. You might contact a metals supplier and see if you can find from 5/8” x 1” (or whatever) cold rolled steel bar, cut to various lengths. You can use this next to the rule and fill in the rest of the form with wood (perfect or no) or plywood or what have you.

Alternately, you can hope to come across a stash of Challange Mammoth furniture, but that stuff tends to be highly coveted by those who have it.

I found large new old stock furniture on Ebay.
I paid good money for it but I save a lot of money locking up my own scores and perts. instead of paying for dies.

Locks up nice & tight on my Heidelberg SBG.