Kelsey 5x8 model H roller core specs

I bought my Kelsey 5x8 model H press without cores or rollers. I have a metal lathe and would like to turn a pair of roller cores to get covered. Does anyone know the specs of the rollers so I can reproduce them? Thank you for your help.

Randy Hess

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Heh heh. Sorry to do this to you, but it’s 3/8” x 12 1/4”. Just cut a piece of rod and bevel the edges. Also, originally they just seem to have used a burin to raise small burrs along the length, so as to grip the inner diameter of the rubber and prevent any tendency to slip.

I suggest getting some 3/8 inch drill rod (machined round accurately) and cut it to length. You could file some grooves at angles to help the rubber grip the drill rod if that’s a concern — I’ve never done it for any of the half a dozen sets of rollers I made cores for. The diameter is another matter — I suggest measuring the center-to-center distance between the roller hooks vertically (not across the press) and subtract 1/8” plus whatever it takes to get to an even inch measure (I suspect the measure will come out to 1”, possibly 1-1/4”. The roller trucks and the roller covers should both be that same diameter.


Thanks for the help!

Personally I just purchase them from NA Graphics as they come with new cores. Plus they work with new trucks that lock onto the core so that core and truck turn as one unit!

They don’t come cheap, but they’re 10 times better than the old synthetic rollers.