Where to get paper cut

I cannot afford a paper cutter at this time, but for cost reasons, I would like to be able to buy the larger, parent sheets of paper and cut them down to the required size. Has anyone ever taken their paper to a local office supply store to have it cut down? Are there any other places that I could consider taking it to be cut? Or even websites where I could order the sizes I need (If it’s cost effective…I will be needing A7 size in a few months)?

I have a guillotine style cutter and am currently cutting 8.5x11 sheets, but sometimes I mess up and waste (expensive)paper.

I remember seeing a topic on this earlier, but I can’t find it now. It seems like someone said they tried Kinkos, but Kinkos cut it unevenly.

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Hello ssmith05,

Look for a commercial printer in your area. The one I use has a magnificent machine that cuts tall stacks to the thousandth. The cost is minimal; in fact, he does it for me in exchange for a bottle of chardonnay. You need to provide a clear cutting guide. Here’s a sample.

I haven’t fully researched paper companies that cut to order, but I know that Atlantic Papers does this, and they do an excellent job.

Yes, I would stay away from Kinkos and the like. It’s hit or miss with them.



start saving for a cutter
to me a cutter is just as important
as the press

got my 19 inch Challenge for $300

for now
go around to local small job shops
tell them what you are doing
take along a photo or two of your press
and a bit of work

ask if they would cut some stock for you
some may do it for free
some will charge you a small fee per cut
some may turn you away

yours truly

Yep. go to a shop, ask them if they drink beer. Ask them what their favorite beer is. Ask them if they can cut your stock down. They will take the hint.

If they don’t drink beer, ask them if they like cookies….

…. If they don’t like cookies, ask them how much it will cost.


like HavenPress idea
come by my shop with a 6 pack
of quality beer
would be willing to cut
more than a few jobs for you


Where are you located?

Daniel, yea I can see what you probably did there…

Many years ago I was given the run of a printing plant that had closed and been auctioned off. After everything had been removed after the auction, there was still a lot of “debris” left and I was told I could have ANYTHING left in the building before they paid to have the remaining junk cleaned-out. There was a whole room full of partial cartons of parent size sheets. FANTASTIC! I load my truck quickly with all I could carry and took it home. It was shortly later that I realized I was not capable of dealing with these sheets because the biggest cutter I had would only go 20”. Damn! Eventually I ended up hauling it back to town to cut cut down to manageable sizes. It is always good to know a sympathetic commercial printer who will do this for you (usually over the lunch break). A small bribe is always welcomed.

In that particular plant, the large electric time clock was still hanging on the wall in the pressroom. Needless to say it has been plugged-in and working on the wall in my shop ever since then.


Hello Smithy,
You will be amazed at the products that you can purchase from envelopes.com.
If they don’t have the envelope, the card, either, single, folded and/or scored, I am sure they will cut pieces for you.

My family and I own a commercial shop and have helped other printers from time to time with cutting. Here’s a few tips to keep the guy with the cutter happy.

Bring a ruled out sheet of how you want the paper cut.

Bring your own boxes.

Call before you stop by to see if someone is available to cut your stock.

If you want the scrap off cut let me know before I put it in the recycle bin.

Remember, it’s always nice to acknowledge a favor (Cookies, donuts etc.)


I too have found beer to be a universal currency. There are several good paper suppliers that will cut down your paper. I have a great cutter but lately have been buying paper pre cut. for $15.00 I can have 5000 sheets cut - my arms would get pretty sore doing that myself on my manual cutter.