Broken Cut

I have a favorite cut that is about 1/2 inch in height by 5 inches wide with a cracked base that may be beyond repair. Is there anyone in the community who can remount the cut itself on a type high base? Thanks - Neil

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Not knowing what material your plate is made from, thickness , &c. I would recommend sending it to a platemaker and having it remounted to type-high. They would have the right tools and adhesives to mount it properly.


Hi Paul - I am a relative newbie - you mean platemakers like Boxcar? Thanks, Neil

It depends on what kind of plate you have. If you have an electrotype cut it takes a certain thickness of wood to mount to type-high, a zinc or magnesium cut can have different thicknesses of etched plates. That is why when you ask for advice you need to provide more information. Boxcar sells photopolymer plates and mounts, but there are plenty of photo-engravers out there who could re-mount a metal plate (although finding the correct wood for an electrotype is likely to be a problem). Posting a photo would go a long way to our understanding of your problem.

He means an engraver such as Owosso Graphic Arts Inc.
Look in the yellow pages on this site using the search for cuts/dies and you should be able to find a die maker near you who can repair your favorite cut.

You need to look specifically for a photo-engraver.

Got it and thanks - Photo later. Neil


If your cut is glued or adhered in place, the wood will need to be removed and the cut re-mounted. Not being sure of the adhesive, I wouldn’t be sure of the best procedure.

If it’s drilled/nailed like some cuts are, it may be as simple as removing the nails, measuring the thickness of the wood, and replacing it with the same thickness, flat, planed wood.

I would think a photoengraver like Owosso or possibly Globe photoengraving could perform this repair for you, but I am not certain what it would take to do so. I have the right tools to measure the height of the cut (accurate plate gauge), and fabricate a new base from boxwood (planer and the handskills/instruments to adjust/measure thickness, endgrain boxwood in stock) to assure it’s very flat and rigid, but this is not my specialty. If you cannot find another company willing to do it for you, contact me and we can discuss it and I’d be happy to have a go at repairing this for you.

Thank you Havenpress. I called Owosso and they said they would try and repair it. More to report when I have it. And, thanks to all, as always, for the good guidance and thoughtful advice. Neil

You’re welcome.

And the end of the story is that I sent it to Owosso who remounted it and it as good, if not better, than new. Efficient, a pleasure to work with and I was a customer and will continue to be such. Thanks, Neil

Neil- glad to hear it. I am so glad they are there for all of us. Such a great company.

Best of luck with your printing!


Thanks again Mark - see my recent query about cuts that appear not to be lead(?). Best - Neil

So happy that we could help you out!

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