Meihle V-50 Delivery Gripper problem

Ok, I have a mid 50’s Beige V-50. Yesterday the delivery gripers started stopping about 1 inch from the cylinder grippers. On first inspection I don’t see anything obviously broken. I was wondering if anyone knew of a adjustment… or maybe a pin that shears that I cant see… Any help to get me on the right track would be appreciated… Thanks Scott

image: V-50.jpg


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Delivery grippers, NOT GOSPEL (as some would have you believe???) a blast from the past from rusty memory, the arms that carry the assembly are obviously (pro rata) long and remotely driven and timed to drop the sheets consequently the anchor /driving points tend to be less than adequate for sustained use, therefore initial inspection of drive mechanism, when turning by hand may give clues,i.e. is it stroking to its limit, are the arms still parallel at point of pick up, is the thin release arm for the grippers out of sync and causing delay, and once more, NOT gospel just a blast from the past, the arms are anchored with a big pinch bolt to their driving shaft via a split big end and are not infallable for eventual synchronisation and stroke approach and timing. Good luck

Well I do think it is out of time… I just Know how to align the Delivery cam…any ideas???

Try runnining the cylinder to the top position where the grippers are supposed to pick up the sheet. Loosen the bolt on the driving shaft. That should let the gripper mechanism move freely. Move the grippers to the correct position and retighten the bolt.

D.T. thank you for verifying that which I was guessing at and trying to remember, but is it not so that the actual gripper bar assembly, is controlled by 2 arms working of a common shaft with the finger release rod attached to one side, which implies your good advice just needs to be in plural. please put me straight, as well as S.M. and all others still with V.M.s. I actually own a comprehensive V.M. manual but unfortunately it is out on loan (since 15 years ago) still waiting safely, for me to collect, 150 miles from home, thats why it is still pending!!!Thanks Mick.

The two arms that hold the gripper bar are bolted to the drive shaft. The gripper bars are driven through the rotation of the shaft. When you loosen the bolt on the outside of the press it allows the shaft to turn freely.
The shaft is driven from one side of the press only.
Hope that helps.

I have a memory coming and am going to voice it without going to check and before i get lambasted for it i only used one for a couple of years and for die cutting .
When you have been in the press you have to close the feed section back to the bed , I was warned continuously to take great care of the position of the pick up arm during this phase of setting or makerady because should i not have the arm in the given position the pin in the bottom of the feeder drive would hit a part of the casting and cause alignment problems .
Is it possible you have done this inadvertantly as you seem to have had this occur all of a sudden .???
I know that willl stir someone else with better knowledge .
I too seem to remember that the feeder arms are pinch bolted and i believe they are not pinned .

It appears the drive side arm loosens up and moves on the shaft… but the operator side arm seems to have something resisting movement. Is it possible that only the op side would have a pin? I am getting closer to solving my problem though. Thanks everyone for all your advice!

Got It !!! Thanks all for your help !