Challenge Model HB 265 cutter question

I am asking anyone if they have a lead on or know anything about a motor for a challenge paper cutter model HB size 265. the motor part number is #E-1090-9, currently it is set up with motor #E-1091-7 which is a 3phase 240v input and my new shop doesn’t have 3phase. I am looking for that motor so I can switch it over. Any help?

I just need to have a new line dropped so I can have 3phase again, that’s a different talk ha.

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check with your electrician, it might be cheaper to get a converter that converts the power to 3 phase to run your cutter.

I am my own electrician! Rotary phase converters are good for motors that do not draw a lot of heavy amps or strain like air compressors, milling machines, or some light laths and stuff like that. all it really does is fake the third leg of the line with stored power in capacitors. Something like a hydraulic paper cutter can pull up to 3 or 4 times its rated load when it actually cuts so coast wise its not worth it on my cutter for me. I am going to have a line dropped to the building for 3phase, just not right now.