No air blow- Heidelberg Windmill 10x15

I can’t seem to get enough air to the blowers to separate the sheets when running. All the adjustments are wide open, table height etc has been adjusted.

And we cleared all the airlines this morning as our first troubleshooting step..

Machine is a 1960 Heidelberg Windmill 10x15.

Edit: Stock being run at the moment is a 65# Cover, the lines and filters have been checked.

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Filters have been cleaned and lines have been checked for cracks or breaks? Also… what sort of stock are you running? There are many things that could cause insufficient sheet separation on a Windmill, so hopefully we can eliminate until we find the culprit.


Hi Brad,
All the lines, filters have been cleared/ cleaned and checked. We have very little air coming from the blowers. The stock being run is a 65# Cover.

Turn the tap down on the delivery or off even

I have in the past blocked the side blower pipes off tto get oomph when desperate

Why does nobody seem able to go back to basics and square one, as the pump produces pressure AND vacuum should the very fist step in the elimination process be, inspect pressure pipes as being suitable for pressure!!! and vacuum pipes suitable for vacuum, even the best most clued up operators frequently (in emergency like half way through the run) POP or COLLAPSE a hose and make a temporary fix and then forget!!!!>>>>> It might be hands and knees for all of 2 minutes, just to verify????and THEN plan “B” through to “ZEE” as above!!!And as I believe the Heidelberg system to be in essence the same as The Thompson, a pressure relief valve is incorporated, (if so is it 100% operational) and there should in theory be a Vacuum Release Clack Valve????>>I am sure my esteemed indigenous buddy, will dot the “i”,s and cross the “t”,s fairly swiftly.

Is ANY air coming out of the pump? You could ask Excelsior Press is where you can find his contact information. He services windmills and can help you troubleshoot.