Deckled edge cut rule

Does anyone know where to get deckled edge cut rule? Does it come in different size of deckle? Thanks in advance.

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I am pretty sure deckle edge only comes in one

Can you lock it up like regular cut, score or perf rule? Is the body of the rule the same as those?

Im pretty sure it locks up the same. Here are a couple I found…pdf

looks to be all 2pt standard rule

Deckle cutting rule comes exactly as does standard die cutting rule , centre cut for general use and side bevelled for special purpose. Note, you have to allow for the deckle at corners of a business card for instance the wavy shapes make pretty ugly patterns at the four corners and if you dont approach the cutting of your lengths correctly the four corners of your card will all look wrong . Should it prove difficult to find i will badger my die maker for some .

From 12/2010….
I have a “Chandler All-Steel Trimmer.” It cuts a 12” sheet with a sort of a deckled edge. The bed of it is 12” x 6”. Using straight flap envelopes allows you to deckle the flap. These were used years back (long before your time) by photographers to trim photos. A few calls to some long-ago (or should I say long-gone) photo shops, or antique shops may find you one! Oh, and mine is not for sale! Good Luck!!!

A picture is worth a thousand words …
And here it is …
This one is sold, but there must be another out there. I think this cuts more of a deckle appearance than the rule and I’m sure would work well for a short run.

That would do fine for foredge cuts but i assure you a business card cut this way would look odd because the corners ot the cards will look wierd .
Stock cards for overprinting are die cut so that the four corners are matchedand when stacked every card is identical where as this would not produce the same result .