reproducing cuts for commercial work

Can you tell me what the fees are for reproducing
and incorporating the cuts into a range of greeting cards in the UK. I would like to have them possibly letterpress printed.

Thank you

Floyd Sayers
Seadragon publishing

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I would also like details of prices for the same reason.


Cassie Leedham

This is addressed to Briar press, in your terms of service it says that

“Commercial use of the postscript files requires the express written permission of Briar Press”

How do I go about getting permission?
What are the fees involved?

Kind regards


Updated. Floyd, Cassie,

I missed this thread until now. Interesting timing, because we’re a few days away from re-opening the Cuts & Caps department here on the new site, and have been updating the Cuts & Caps license.

The ornaments are free for personal use in any medium. We don’t own the rights to the original source graphics, which are in the public domain, but the Postscript (eps) files we create from them are the products of significant labor.

To offset the expense of maintaining our free services, we request a one-time fee of $32 from commercial users for unlimited use of each Postscript file (special, time-intensive ornaments may cost more, where indicated). We also appreciate when Briar Press is credited as the supplier of the artwork, but attribution isn’t always feasible — on greeting cards, for instance.

The fees we collect help to support our free services and may be paid by check or by PayPal. Thanks for asking about our policy. If you’re interested in commercial use of any specific ornaments, you can send a request to Briar Press, or if you have further questions, please post them here.