2 Questions (Coasters - PS & Illustrator)

I’d love to find a great source for coasters. Holyoke’s are too thin and other commercial paper suppliers are NOT white in color when stated.

I’d like Cranes Lettra 220# 600gsm Fluorescent White coasters 4”

Anyone die cut their own?

And who out there uses Photoshop for designing or is it all Illustrator?

Thanks in advance!


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Illustrator for typography and line drawing/vector shape; photoshop is great for opaqueing/bitmapping art you’ve done by hand and scanned in, handles fidelity truer than illustrator can, but is not great for typography.

I was emailing with Bryan from Holyoke this week. I asked him why about coasters because on their site, they sell the 140# paper die-cut into coasters, but not the 280#. Meanwhile they sell printed coasters that are much heavier. He mentioned the same issues everyone has with letterpress printing the thick coasters, but also said they were looking into or about to start making coasters of the 280#, which might be the sweet spot.

Katz Americas for blank coasters

Light Weight - $17.87
Packed: 8 sleeves of 125, Carton of 1,000

Medium Weight - $23.18
Packed: 8 sleeves of 125, Carton of 1,000

Heavy Weight - $25.75
Packed: 10 sleeves of 100, Carton of 1,000


Always use Illustrator. It much easier when manipulating typography and vector images.

Inky Lips Press

Note that the Katz coasters are calendered and optimized for offset/screen/digital printing. It will take some bit, but for those who like “sculpted” impression, they’ll crack all heck.

If you want “sculpted” impression, better to go with a an non-calendered sheet such as Lettra.

I have a round 4” die if somebody wants me to die-cut parent stock for them, but that would be a commercial service (write off list).