largest die to use on 10x15 windmill

Hi everyone, I am thinking of having a large die made for the windmill. I am not sure how well it will die cut though due to the size. Size of the die would be approx 11” wide be 9” high so very close to the bed dimensions. There would also be score lines included. Would this be to large of a die to use on a 10x15? I am curious to know the largest size dies other printers have used on the Heidelberg platen.

Cheers:) Ian

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Presuming you are talking die-cutting with a steel rule die.

How many inches of cutting rule steel? How many inches of score rule? If the die was a simple perimeter with a single score in the middle, the press probably wouldn’t blink an eye—even if you maxed out the chase with the die.

On the other hand, if you have 6 perf rules and 12 cross perfs on 8 1/2 x 11, you’re going to make your press work out. In either instance, meticulous makeready is imperative.

A useful guideline from the “Hints for the Pressman” book put out by Heidelberg:

“A cutting rule requires 220 pounds pressure per linear inch when die-cutting cardboard of .012 to .016 thickness. Scoring and creasing rules require 137.5 pounds pressure per linear inch.” Note, this is with new, sharp rule!

“Since pressure must be taken into consideration, limit the amount of rule on a 10 x 15 Original Heidelberg to 197 linear inches, and 394 inches on the 12 x 18 Original Heidelberg.”

It is a very complicated die that can outdo the strength of either heidelberg platens , I have to add though ,the thicker and harder the material like plastic sheeting for box sleeves etc soon brings the old dears to a halt but 99.6% of the stuff you will want to process will run on it.
The thicker the material the more important you put the correct crease height to cutting height related to the material thickness as the crease rule may hold the cut off .

Thanks guys, it is basically a 2 sleeve DVD cover that I am looking at getting made. I have not had a chance to mock up the image to send to the tool & die guy. I wanted to make sure that she could handle a larger steel rule die before I start working on it.

I have heard many opinions on the die cut jacket to use. I do need a new one and am thinking of spending the extra $$ on the screw down one opposed to the cheaper snap on jacket. I used a snap on in the past and I always had problems with it. I will be using 110 lb lettra so it is not very thick.

Thanks again!

I work here and there on h platens some have the bent in clip style and some are the genuine heidelberg style with the grub screw on the top edge of the platen .
I have a preference for the old heidelberg grubscreww fit , i have found the stainless ones with bent over edges do work but they are best fitted so the bends do the holding and you dont fit them with packing bars , the bars strain the bar holding springs and when you revert to using typman sheet the packing bars dont fit firmly . Another reason i dont use the bars with self clip style plate is that i am convinced it causes the centre of the plate to raise off the platen sort of springing the middle .