Where do you sell your work online?

I’ve been doing letterpress and screenprinting for a while, and I’ve done commissioned work for people I know, but I want to branch out and start offering things (cards, posters, art prints, etc) for sale online. What’s a good venue for that? I know etsy is very popular, but what are some of the other options that you have either had success with, or have learned to avoid?

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I used to sell more online but have found that prints, cards and books sell better in person, when people can pick them up, feel the impression (if there is any), see the details, flip through a book.
I do have a store linked to my website which is through Big Cartel- www.bigcartel.com. It’s very customizable. (My shop is here: http://bowerbox.bigcartel.com/)
There is a free shop, for up to 5 items, and different monthly pricing for more items and options.
I used to sell on Etsy but got fed up with the amount of resold crap from China, unscrupulous copiers and resellers, and the bull**** that the people running Etsy came up with regarding privacy, seller rights, and customer conflicts. Even thought you, the seller, are the one giving them a cut of your sale, they treat the person buying from you as their most important customer and a lot of people I know have had issues with non-payment, and Etsy siding with the buyer.
That said, it works fabulously for some people, but you have to be diligent in updating your shop every day, or multiple times a day, having a consistent “look” that is trendy enough to get on the front page and in treasuries, and lucky enough to get noticed and mentioned by buyers (or mentioned on a popular blog.)
I’d check out Big Cartel as well as Etsy, and there used to be a few others (Artspring, Dwanda) but I’m not sure if they are still around, or if they faded away.

I’ve found I prefer setting up at craft shows, and talking to people about my work- gives a little more connection than just clicking “Buy Now!”

That was kind of the impression I got of Etsy - you’d spend more time selling your work than making, which is a drag. I will check out Big Cartel, though, as well as the craft fairs. I’m sure eastern Iowa has plenty of options there. Much thanks!

I do all of the above.

I built my own online shop at www.blackheartletterpress.com, but I also use Etsy since it has it’s own built-in customer base. I do the craft shows, as well as doing the big National Stationery Show this coming May in NY.

I also built in a system for wholesale customers to order right through my site.

Gotta love technology.

See you at NSS, megahurt, I’ll be with Ladies of Letterpress again this year!