Hamilton catalogue

Not sure if this is common knowledge, but I’ve never seen it before. Hamilton catalogue from 1905 - starts to get interesting around page 18. Amazing

** just to warn, this is 190 page pdf. It’s a big file**

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To Mr. J.E. and Mr. H.P. Hamilton —

Dear Sirs:

I’ll take one of everything, at 1905 prices. Oh, and can you throw in another catalogue, please.

Yours sincerely,

—David Smith.

I think you’d enjoy Dave Churchman’s book Of Time And Type.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY


Thanks a lot for the reply. As it turns out, I have a copy of the book and began reading it years ago at an American Typecasting Fellowship (ATF) meeting right after I got it, but things go so busy I didn’t finish it! So I will read it tomorrow (if we get the snow day that’s predicted) as I am driving up to Churchman’s “Boutique de Junque” this Saturday to (hopefully) trade some five-pound cans of ink for some type. It’ll give me something to talk with Dave about.

Man, that catalogue is a mind-blower! I’ve seen some Hamilton stuff advertised in the back of ATF and BB&S foundry catalogs, but nothing like the real and complete thing from the very pinnacle of Hamilton’s years. Oh, to lay hands on an edition of that — if only for a few minutes, even.


image: Of Time and Type.jpg

Of Time and Type.jpg

This Hamilton Furniture Catalog is absolutely amazing. I have a much thinner paperback later edition (probably from the 1920’s without going to dig it out) that literally palls in comparison.

I kind of sped through this and will have to go back and digest it later. I did come to a screaching halt on page 97 as I spied an odd typecase bracket that I have never seen offered before. I have a pair of them and never knew whether they were “really” typecase brackets or not. Mine are the No. 12 Single Autocrat Case Bracket. I got my pair from Bill McGarry at least a dozen or so years ago.

There was a querry about a piece of Hamilton furniture recently and I’ll bet it can probably be found in this catalog as well.

Very grateful for your sharing this wonderful information.


I recently acquired a 2/3 stand that is older than those shown in the above catalogue. It is unusual in that it is a 20 drawer cabinet, but it stands just over 51 inches tall. It has the oldest style pulls and a nice brass plate on the cabinet face. Can anyone with an older Hamilton furniture catalogue please tell me if it has a special name or designation?


Well thanks a lot, etinink. My press is now covered in drool.