Gaskell Census of Wooden Presses

Does anyone here have or know where I could find a digitized copy of Philip Gaskell’s census of wooden hand presses, which was published in the Journal of the Printing Historical Society in 1970? My copy is in storage and I want to refer to it! Help!

Bob Oldham
Ad Lib Press

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I suspect that a digital version is going to be hard to find, as the article is still in copyright and the original issue is still available for sale from the Printing Historical Society.

Go down to the “Selection of journal articles from the First Series” section.

It has been my own experience with putting things in storage that by the time I emptied out the storage space I’d had to acquire duplicates of almost everything I’d put into it. Sigh.

David M.

David, do you have a copy of that issue? I am really just interested in seeing if he had recorded two Danish-made wooden presses, one at the Mediemuseum in Odense, Denmark and the other at the Grafiska Museet in Helsingborg, Sweden.

I had the same sad experience of acquiring duplicates of stuff in storage because I didn’t remember I had it. But when I moved this last time I sent 7 large cartons of my printing library to Oak Knoll and while I kept the PHS Journal it’s stored where I won’t be able to look at it until late May. I’m also wishing I’d kept Kainen’s book on the Columbian.


No, unfortunately I do not.

I’m sure that someone else on BriarPress must have it, though.

I believe that there is also at least one Danish printer here on BriarPress.

David M.