Print shops in Scotland?

I’m planning a trip to Scotland this fall to get some closure on the past and to start new memories. I’m looking for print shops — preferably letterpress — that I can visit while I’m in Scotland. Info on printing museums/displays is welcome as well.

Thanks for any leads you might have!


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There is:
Robert Smail’s Printing Works is in High Street, Innerleithen
Bus: First Edinburgh (62) from Edinburgh via Peebles or Galashiels; (0870) 608 2 608Cycling: NCN 1
Road: A72, 6m from Peebles (Innerleithen Road)
Ordnance Survey Ref: OS Ref: NT332367

and there is John Easson, from Press Here, worth visiting:

Apologies, can not find a link yet, but will eventually (unless my learned friend can help quicker), In Edinburgh or Glasgow there is a COSSOR Machine being rebuilt at this very time, it was/is an unique machine in that it ran from Flatbed Letterpress formes, but was Reel Fed for newspapers. It would be a shame to be close at hand and not see it, You may of course be Bushwacked on exit for a contribution towards the Restoration Fund. In the Mid 80,s I worked for a firm in glorious downtown Sussex, that printed a twice weekly Newspaper on one such machine, from Monotype Hot Metal, origination, and did get a little heat, for occasionally taking time out, to watch that machine, run (amazing)>>>> Good Luck Mick. And Regards to T.G.

And I should mention Harry McIntosh, who invented and runs Speedspools, a device to run a Monotype caster from a computer. He can do hot metal typesetting from Indesign, Word and Quark Xpress files. He’s on Queensferry road in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Printmakers may be of interest?

Thanks for the tips!

Once when I was there with my Edinburgh born-and-raised ex-husband (now deceased, hence the pilgrimage) we went to a type shop workshop in the borders near Sir Walter Scott’s estate. Touristy, if I recall.

I don’t know what other printing equipment is displayed there but the National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh has a very handsome Greig Columbian hand press on display. There is also one at the Gladstone Court of the Biggar Museum Trust in Biggar, Scotland; it’s a simulated street of small shops including a printer’s shop.


PamPDX, the place you mention is Robert Smail’s Printing Works!

to Mick on Monotype

At the weekly newspaper where I worked, they had a Wharfedale but tried to make use of a later automatic (German-built) press; I think (now after reading Briar Press) this had a problem resulting from humidity.

Later, I heard they acquired a Cossar, which had reached a suitable stage of development and many people knew how to use it. When there was a flood which affected the pit under the Cossar, they took the motor out and drove the press by a belt from a diesel farm tractor. Moral: Never buy an early version of any new design of machine of any kind, including Concorde aircraft.