L. F. Grammes & Sons press

Anyone have any direction on information about the presses they made in Allentown, Pa? I know they where a cigar boxing manufacture and all there machinery was used for that. I have a line up on a press made by them but I don’t know if it has all the parts.

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There is pretty much no parts or documentation on any letterpresses. Anything can be made. Put a photo up so we can see what it is.

I don’t have a good photo from the guy, super cell phone shot kind of blurry, Its a smaller L.F. Grammes & Sons I think 8x12ish. The company build machines that and to do with printing and assembling cigar boxes. Looks complete still have rollers and trucks so I can pull sizes off those but I don’t want to hold on to it, it’s to small for me.