Kelsey chase beds

So, this just arrived on my doorstep, and I am unsure of what to do with it. Fix, sell, ??? Ugh.

It is a chase bed for a Kelsey 5x8 Model U

Photos here:[email protected]/sets/72157633110652571/

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Looks fixable enough if you can find a welder who knows how to weld cast iron. Beware, it looks like there is a crack that continues up along the handle seam.

The problem with cast iron welding is that the whole assembly needs to be heated to something like 1200 degrees, I think, welded and then SLOWLY cooled. There is always the possibility that warpage can occur during heating/cooling.

How big is this piece? The bigger the size the harder it is to do a proper heat/cool cycle. Really needs to be done in a heat treat oven with electronic temp control so that ramp up, soak and ramp down temp times can be accurately controlled. Total time in oven even for a piece this size can easily go 24 hours or more, to get the best chances of the weld holding.

Haven’t used my heat treat oven for welding in years.

My personal preference for repairs on items like this is to use one of the products from Lock n Stitch. No need to heat/cool, looks nicer than weld beads when done and stronger than the base cast iron when done correctly. Down side is that it is fairly expensive.


Your chase bed can be repaired. If you chose our services it would likely take about a week after we receive it. I estimate the expense to be $60 plus shipping both ways. The crack will be closed and the loose end reattached. The rail will be returned to flat and I will check the locking function in another 5 X 8 frame. if you want it painted we can do that too. Before and after photos are standard services we perform. Contact us if we can be of services.


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So happy to find you Tom!

Another question for someone more experienced than I: Can I use the model U chase bed in the model P press?

Generally speaking the Model U 5 X 8 chase bed ought to fit the frame of the model P. I have seen where milling in certain areas has occurred for a part to fit a particular press. One should anticipate having to do a bit of filing here and there when parts are swapped from press to press. This would apply to any press of any vintage. In the case of the Model U chase bed adjustment of the angle of the part as it sits in the frame is possible via the two screws found in the tabs at the bottom of the chase bed.


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