Golding Pearl platen seems crooked

Can anyone tell me if the crooked platen shown in the photos is normal. The press does not bind when in motion, but I can’t imaging this was normal when the press was made.

White arrows point to the difference in spacing at each end.

Any help is appreciated.

image: IMG_0038.jpg


image: IMG_0040.jpg


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not sure why this didn’t show above, but here is the other photo

image: IMG0038.jpg


If this Improved Pearl’s platen is anything like the Old Style ones, it is only attached by the center bolt and the four leveling bolts are just pressing against divots in the backside of the platen. It could be that there is a little bit of play there somewhere (have you tried backing off those bolts and turning it back level by hand?) or it could be that one or more of the leveling bolts are slightly bent. It could possibly even be that it was jigged a little out of square when manufactured.

If there isn’t any slop in it and the press behaves consistently you might just want to leave it as-is. If you print work is square on the card then nobody needs to know that your platen is a little wonky!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thanks, Daniel.

I have not printed on it yet, so I can’t say that it affects the printing, nor have I tried to adjust it with the bolts. I just got the press 2 weeks ago, so am still learning.

I may just leave it as you say and see how it prints first.