Typofix Type Caster

“Ada an Aardvark was adamant and amiable”.

A compositors quandary, when handsetting. Thirteen “A’s” required and only twelve in the typecase. What he/she needed was a machine that replicated type from the original hence the “Typofix Type Caster”.

Can anybody educate me to the original manufacturer.

I have the original instruction leaflet and the only information is that Alfred Kopinski, Representant, lived in Mulhouse-Haut-Rhin.

Jim C.

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Not much is known, really. Here’s a run through what little I’ve been able to track down:


To put this in context, go “up” a level in the site to the “Makeshift Typecasting” page:


David M.

Re Typofix Type Caster Has anyone out there an original oil lamp supplied with the caster.If so, could you supply me the dimensions for instance the height to the wick and the diameter of the base.

Jim Crichton in hope