Sigwalt Ideal No.4 trucks and rollers

Hello all,
This is my first post so I hope I have it in the right place! I have scoured the discussion pages but cannot find information regarding trucks and rollers for the Ideal No.4. I have just managed to find a beautiful little press but the rollers need replacing and it doesn’t have trucks. I’m in Australia and know where to get new rubber but don’t have the technical specifications to give the manufacturer (diameter??). It seems it may be easier to get the trucks machined but I also don’t have the specs and the original press catalogue seems pretty useless.
Can anyone out there tell me, or direct me to the specifications needed for new roller rubber and the requisite truck sizes??
Also, would trucks suitable for the no.5 also work?? There seems to be more information readily available for this model.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated,
many thanks, Josh

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One method, if you’re not fussy about being historically accurate, is to measure carefully the center-to-center distance between the roller hook openings for the trucks, and subtract enough to get you to an even diameter (probably close to 1 inch, maybe 1-1/4 or 1-1/2), and have trucks machined to that diameter with the journals made to the diameter to fit the hooks. have the new rubber rollers made on cored to fit the bores in the trucks and the outer diameter to match the outer diameter of the trucks — rollers and trucks should be the same diameter.


Stumble I have just purchased rollers for my No. 4 Sigwalt
from Toods Press Time listed in the yellow pages here.
He also has trucks

@stumble17 - I second what @Dukesr said. Todd at Todd’s Press Time is fantastic. I have a Sigwalt #4. He is honest, full of information, and he will take good care of you!