Can a Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 be left on a skid?

Sorry if this was answered previously, but I couldn’t find a definitive answer…

Can you run a Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 on a skid/pallet? I’m getting a Heidelberg but I’ll only be in my current space for less than a year, so getting it off the skid and then back on when I’m ready to move seems like a lot of unnecessary work. I know the height can pose a problem, but is there a safety issue? Or any other issues?

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The Press likes to sit solid in an oilpan on a supportive Floor,
if you can’t do that, hope you have at least an oil pan under the Press, if they don’t bleed oil, they aren’t maintained right!
As there will be a certain vibration running the press on a pallet, I would advise to have a solid pallet to start with, ideally a 4 way Euro version, as they are solid, place 1 inch ply on top if not 2, screw it down, place the oil sheet (large zink sheet you can get from a local builders market, fold and crimp the edges like you would than building a still, so you get a lip all around. Place the Press on that. More solid footing than.

If needed, you can always put wood slats afterwords inside the pallet to stiffen it, just remove them to move the press again.

Hello.. My presses are on a rough cut hardwood (3) 4 x 6 x 10’ Oak. and about (6) 1 X 10 x 12 for decking (cut one 4 x 6 for side supports of deck) With the bulk of the machine to the back of the boards. With a standing pad at the back as you put ink in, I covered that with hard wood to. All Finished, beautiful. Using screws. easy to remove for moving again. Then while this is up on the boards, you can use a Skidster machine to lift it. and the boards cleared and lifted fine. Lifting only the steel tempered rods, so they don’t bend. Watch the front of the press so it doesn’t hit the paint. Put in on a trailer and go.
I built a “deck” so to speak at the front & rear of the presses. (wide enough to create a nice standing working area, you will have to put supports under the edges and just screw your deck edges to it.) There are two places “holes” on the press that you should slide a tempered steel bars thru to lift it off the pallet. Most pallets are not meant for a long time, (depending on the pallet) especially when you are leaking oil on them. I like the elevation of the press about 4 inches off floor. Bolt the press to the boards, lay down on the floor an measure the distance. Put your Bolts in up from underneath board, Bolt head to floor, place press over the bolts help them thru and tighten nuts. Use the heaviest Bolts and huge washers, your holding 2500 lbs to it. If you have a saw mill near you these boards are readily available. The height causes no issues, you just have to create a safe area to stand and get use to how it is. I like it because its a safety zone, nobody stands in your zone while press is running. If you leave it on the pallet, and have nothing to stand on in front it will be a safety issue, I think.
SAFETY: Never remove your tymphan rods without the press shut off, if you drop a rod and it hits the fly wheel just right, it may fly up and hit you. If you lived near me, I’d help ya do all this.

I have run one that we used to wheel around to whereever there was space ,the only real advice i will give you is that you want to be aware that the feet of the pallet must go front to back of the press or it will want to rock back and forth .

Thanks for all the help. We ended up taking if off the skid just to be safe (and to allow the oil to drip on the tray and not the skid).