Pre Folded Lettra 110 Card Stock.

I am looking for a supplier of pre-folded Cranes Lettra 110 paper. As of right now I dont have the time to fold cards. Does anyone know of a person who sells pre-folded cards. I am looking for A2 size.

Thank You.

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don’t recall offhand if they over A2, but I’ve bought folded A6 lettra from legion/

Yes, has Lettra in A2 folded cards.

Great. Thank you. I will check them out.

I can’t remember if it’s Lettra that they sell, but I believe Holyoke sells folded A2 cards as well.

It’s their own paper they sell. has very nice A2 cards, but not as plush as Lettra or Holyoke but the cards take a very nice, crisp impression - just so as deep. I have used all three. Neil has scored cards and matching envelopes in a number of great items, especially Reich’s Savoy 100% cotton grade which print beautifully.