What to do with incomplete metal type?

Hi everyone, I was given like 10 or 15 type cases with mostly small metal type and mostly incomplete too.
What should I do? It’s taking up more space than I would like, but I don’t have the heart to scrap it.

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Send it to me, i have no problem melting it down. You could try to identify it, maybe even find more of it to complete what you have.

i might take it depending on what you have. do you know what size it is. can you email some photos? don’t have much to spend, but will put it to use.

Depends on what you want to do.

If you would like to complete the type, Don Black in Canada has a lot of type for sale. (You can google him for contact info.) There are others out there with inventory.

If you want to sell, there are dealers who will buy and resell and of course, you can sell almost anything on ebay.

To buy more of the same or to sell, you need to identify the type and size. There are folks on Briarpress that can help you determine what you have if you will print some and post. Point size is a matter of measuring.

good luck.

Thanks guys, my inclination is towards giving it away to whoever wants it to either remelt for casting or to use it. I would just need that person to cover the shipping, which I’m guessing won’t be cheap.

Where are you located? And how soon would it have to be moved?

Just getting into this hobby and hate to see stuff scrapped.



Marshal, the type is in the shop just south of the border in Monterrey, I don’t have a set time, but the sooner the better.