Hand press in Lund, Sweden

Is there anyone in this group who either lives near Lund, Sweden or knows someone who does (Copenhagen, Denmark seems fairly close), who might be willing to travel to the Kulturen Museum there to photograph their Columbian hand press for me? I need a clear photo of the entire press and a closeup of the ID Plate on the press, for a worldwide census of Columbian hand presses in this 200th anniversary year of their invention by George Clymer. I have not been able to get the museum to send me the photos.


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just noticed the Columbian on the vimeo re Typoretum workshop-hopefully the guy who posted few days before about wanting to start letterpress in Sweden might pick up your post.Best wishes to you.

Hi Bob, I can do that! I’m working in Lund, very close to Kulturen. Do you know if the press is in the exhibition?

/ Ola