Delivery Bar on Miehle V-50

For some reason, the paper will go through my V-50. But sometimes the sheet will only be held by on delivery arm.

I took a needle nose an bent the metal under the fingers not holding the sheet.

It worked for a few sheet, than went back to only one delivery arm finger holding a sheet.

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If the strong delivery gripper was at either outer end and not in the middle of your sheet, check the ends of he gripper shaft for bearing or pin wear.

Also, I had a worn bearing / bearer in the gripper activating cam (located at the operator side, lower delivery arm). This resulted in the sheet NOT being released at all, though an over compensated bearer could cause the gripper to hold the sheet too loosely, thus allowing poor grip. The bearer can easily be adjusted by loosening the nut along its side with a box wrench. A worn or loose cam could result in sporadic operation.

I can take photos Monday if you need.

Flywheel - I have the the same issue, pictures would be great! I tried the same fix as Aaron, with the same results. Our Mehile is a V-50x

The operator side of the delivery bar does have wear.

Look at VE59 or the gripper tension spring and slide/socket VE29/31 (listed twice as the cam is identical but flipped for sheet pickup at the cylinder grippers and sheet release at the delivery (sorry, forgot to borrow a digital camera today).

If your gripper is DROPPING the sheet I am assuming that, A. the gripper tension spring is losing its force or is out of adjustment, or B. your cam has moved too far out of position to control proper gripper closure - OR - your delivery arm bearings (see VE 10/11) may be heavily worn and then overly compensated for?

I don’t know exactly. I would start by checking the gripper tension spring and slide/socket VE29/31 (tension is increased by moving the socket down) and cam (VE59) bolt for looseness, with possible adjustment (this isn’t difficult but can test your patience as you must move the cam a bit then try it, etc).

I would use something sensitive to test with - such as 20# bond. I would think that worn delivery arm bearings would cause inconsistent gripper pressure from right to left / left to right. Anybody else have some input here? This has just been my experience.

image: miehle-v50-parts-18.jpg


Forgot to mention - the gripper tension spring and slide/socket (VE29/31) that I was referring to was on the LEFT side, NOT the RIGHT side.