Letterpress information please

I am looking to buy a letterpress machine for my busy luxury wedding invitation business and I want to make an educated decision.

After reading a brief overview of letterpress machines (http://www.fiveroses.org/intro.htm) I am thinking that a Motorized Flatbed Cylinder Press or a Precision Cylinder Proof Press would be the best fit for me.

We are willing to travel to pick up from within in North America. We are aware that they are extremely heavy.

Print quality is important as well as ease of use. I am looking for a machine that has manual paper feed and automatic inking.

Are there some machines that don’t take custom plates? It would be nice to have the option but not a “must.”

Thanks for your advice, there are lots of machines on this site available, not sure which would be best for me.

Here is another I’m considering that was not listed on your site:


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