“A funny thing happened on the way to The Forum” Briar Press Forum that is!! Monotype Mick, A.K.A. Mick on Monotype, and A.K.A. Moaney Type Mick (P.L.Circa 2013) Mick is desparately looking for some Rocking Horse Excrement, or Hens Teeth etc BUT preferably Spare part for Monotype Casting Machine>>I.E. the bridge for a Composition (english) Casting Machine. The bridge is the removable part that enables the mould (size) to be changed and carries the Matrix Case. Just in the process of recomissioning an older (black) Caster. Because of circumstances involving updating and modifying machines, prior to serial numbers around 20-25,000 ish, A quick fix to update, in some cases, (namely bridge updates) was to plunder/rob that part from another machine. Although it was a quick/cheaper fix, The Machine,s were built, as individual units of the assembly line, and several sub sections were lapped and scraped, as matching components. In the case of the bridge, the Serial Number of the Machine and The Bridge were synonymous. In this particular case, the Machine is numbered 21,824 and the Bridge is numbered 25,885. Obviously a quick (keep it running) fix!!!> Of course fixable via adjustments, but not tantamount, to producing the best type, that would normally be expected. So the punch line is??HENS TEETH or MONOTYPE BRIDGE No. 21,824. would be nice. O.K. equally ridiculous!!! But One has to try.

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What’s a monotype???


DickG: Can you get a double-black on a monotype? I know you can on an intertype.

James Carpenter

Also a Linotype?


My name is coming up too often in comments, I expected more criticism and more advice from others. I have seen a double black on a domino (game of skill).


James, i can’t get anything on a monotype, can’t figure out how to run one, come to think of it, i can’t get anything on the intertype either. Hey Alan, around here Domino’s is a pizza chain of stores, not a game.

James, the only double black i know of is Don and Craig.

Hate to admit it but a few years ago(ha), I had a double-black on a 42-em machine. Two plungers. 12-foot ceiling leaded.

James, you need a proofreader, that should read a few decades ago, not a few years ago.

to dickg

dunno what happened to an earlier post; I typed dominos, not Domino’s; yes, we have Domino’s in Oz, also the game with dominos.

It’s a tiny little bit like draughts and checkers.


Just giving you a hard time Alan.