Ink for my new showcard press

My usual printing method of choice is etching but I’ve always wanted to do letterpress!!
I bought a small showcard press and it came with the “letter center.” It has both wood and metal type. I’m wanting to use safe non toxic ink for kids but also would like to print some on bumper stickers that would need to be weather proof.
Any suggestions for ink and it is a problem to switch back and forth. Also what do you letterpress printers use to clean your type? Thanks!!!

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Can you show a pic of the press? What is the letter center? Regular rubber base ink will work for you but for outdoor use you should get Oil Base. Oil base will dry on the press so it must be washed up, Varn products work well.

This is the press. I am also concerned that the lead type is dangerous to handle?

The lettercenter is behind it.

Photo isn’t showing up, you may want to either check your filenames for non alphabetical characters, as they won’t be accepted.

I think touching the type should be fine unless you lick your fingers while typesetting, although if there is a lot of oxidation you may want to attempt a good cleaning. If you search this board there is a lot of advice about ways to clean type without damaging it.