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I am trying to find a person that can direct me in purchasing a C&P 10x15. This will be my first press and I would really like to trust that the equipment is in good working order. I’ve been reading and reading about things that I must be aware of when purchasing, but nothing beats true experience. Rick the Printer seems to carry a lot of inventory, but I was wondering about his reputation and if the press will actually be in proper working order. Thank you for any feedback. I am in Austin, Texas too. Is there anyone in the surrounding states that would be a good resource? I have John Barrett, Don Black, Dave Churchman, and Steve Robinson as trusted folks so far. Thanks so much!!

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Rick Hawkins, Athens, Georgia (“Rick the Printer”) first became known to me when he would come around our shop in Athens when I was a graduate student at the UGa. We’ve known each other for many years. He truly loves and knows printing and letterpress printing machinery. He is enthusiastic about his machinery business. His knowledge is vast and loves giving sound advice. (Rick really prefers the 10x15 C&P for job work.)
Try him. He deserves your business. If for some unexpected reason he doesn’t treat you right, let me know and I will try and spank him for you.
Wm. J. Murray

Watch for them on Ebay. Some people got in over their head and want out.

this one mentions he has a C& P for sale his fathers press, contact him thru ebay.

Not knowing where you are from here is a selection, some might take some elbow grease, make them much more appreciated.

Theo, I think while your sentiment is great and your heart is in the right place by offering a boatload of available presses- this person basically said they wanted to buy a perfectly functional, working press from a dealer.

This kind of says the opposite thing to me than searching on ebay for some sight unseen presses; we could all stand to learn a bit about mechanicals and engineering and working on presses, and everyone should at the very least understand enough maintenance to maintain a machine, but it sounds like this person is mostly interested in printing and less in fixing up…..

Anyhow, I’d say whoever you go through, make sure they are willing to make claims directly in writing and that you have a competent approach to learning and using your press and understanding the vocabulary; then you have nothing to worry about aside from the dealer’s reputation. Customers and patrons will say a lot about a person they deal with.

I would like to add the Hicks Brothers to your list. If you’re on the west coast supposedly they’re well respected and get some older machinery like the C&P you’re looking for and might be worth a phonecall. Other members might chime in on actual experiences, as I have none with them, but you might try looking into them if you’re out that direction and not eastern like I am.

Also, Dan Morris at The Arm here in Brooklny sometimes fixes up presses when he finds them, might be worth a contact to him as well.

Thanks Vandy. I had a good convo with him and he sent me some info on all the C&Ps. He is a good resource, but I wasn’t sure if he is just selling them as is and I have to deal with the finessing. He said they will all print, but I guess quality of print is subjective :) I have found quite a few Kluges here in central Texas, but I’m afraid of them. They look like they want my arm. I found a 10x15 Kluge with auto feed for $950. If I can find someone to train me on the crazy thing, it seems like a good idea since it is automated. I hope to use it to die-cut and use a c&p for printing. Are the Kluges really that scary or is it just me? Any tips for newbie Kluge people? Thank you for the links too. I’ll take a look. Haven press, I am looking for something that actually needs no work. I might be naive.