Advice needed for a vandercook series 20

Hello all,

I’m just wondering if anyone has experience with a Vandercook series 20 or similar? I’ve been seriously looking to purchase one that is advertised as a series 20, but it has a crank and its bed size is a 13” x 28” which seems odd from what I have been reading on the Vandercook info site. It does have the inking carriage.

I have a C&P OS 10x15 but want to add to the collection, I won’t be doing large print quantities but the quality and sharpness is important.

Any experience or advise on the press would be greatly appreciated. Also is it alright to use a boxcar base on this type of a press?


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If you go to the Vandercook site here,
you can see one and all the specs. Looks to be an early, mostly manual press.