Windmill rollers

I need to order replacement form rollers. They’ve swollen on the ends (or shrunk in the middle…). Where do you guys recommend buying them? Do you buy complete sets with a new core, or send the existing in for re-covering?


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I send mine out to Ramco in San Dimas, CA - they do a great job, are priced right and are really nice people.

Thanks. Any suggestions for east coast?

There’s Tarheel Roller — they do rubber as well as composition. But your turnaround with Ramco would probably be at least as fast — I ordered a set for my Adana HQ and they were back in about a week. Send the old rollers for the cores if they’re in good condition.


i’ve used Roll Craft in Rhode Island, been very happy with their rollers. If you need contact info for them let me know and i’ll look them up.

Ah just buy new ones from Printers Parts, google them

Kansas City, MO
Roller Manufacturing
2035 Washington Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
+1 (800) 279-7655 Toll-Free
+1 (816) 842-7377 Direct
+1 (816) 842-1978 Fax

What’s the difference between Syntac and rubber rollers? Do either hold shape better/last longer? Easier/harder to clean?

I believe Syn-Tac is a brand name for a particular company’s rubber rollers.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

I just ordered a set for mine from Tom Andes, who works for Pamarco. They’re a Northeast company.
You can reach him at
[email protected]

You can buy single rollers, or buy a kit, which includes all 4.

Oh, and Pamarco doesn’t require a core. They only sell brand new.