Arab Treadle

Apparently there was a good article on the Arab in Matrix Winter 1984, by Geoffrey Osborne: ‘Josiah Wade and the Anglo-American Arab Press’.
I can’t find it on the www or for sale. Would anyone have a copy?

I have also found a number stamped on the machine of ‘5/12/51’. I’m pretty sure this is not a date as the machine date is around 1908, I think. Something in the back of my head says this is something to do with oil type/viscosity (but I don’t know where this idea might have come from….)

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Mine has this number stamped — I assume the same place as yours?

I have a comment from Blush in North Wales on the Flickr page saying it’s a serial number with which you can date the presses.

Thanks for the response. from the picture, that’s near the impression lever, I think, which is where my four digit serial number is, but the 5/12/51 is on the ‘block’ diagonally opposite. Do you know what date yours is?


(Sorry, didn’t scroll to the Blush comment…)
Great condition!

I don’t seem to have anything on the one diagonally opposite! Have you a photograph to show it’s location?

It’s on the box end of the connecting to the far right of the picture…..

… which won’t upload for some reason.
ok, it’s on the rear box end of the lower of the two connecting rods on the right hand side. Just says ‘5/12/51’ (in my case)

I have a list of the numbers and I have the information by Geoffrey Osborne. The number stamped on the press may have been when it was refurbished or had some retro-fitted equipment (guards, braking) etc.

Albion , its funny you should say that the part may be a replacement part as that is the first thought that struck me when i saw that photo ,and another postee referring to there equivalent machine having the same marks but differing numerals would point to that . The marks were certainly hand stamped and that points at some form of bespoke work and numbering it would enable the retracing to the replacement work if a query came up with the same part in the future .
it wasnt unusual for some engineers to mark repairs in case of further work at a later date ,especially if the work carried out meant a return or grinding back had taken place that meant the fitting was no longer as standard .

Looking at Ptrebles pic. Rep - Repaired, 5/35 May 1935. Machine No. 3011. Approx. 1900 according to my info. That means the press had thundered on for 35 years without major surgery!

Cheers Jeremy. I wondered what the ‘Rep’ meant. And it’s still thundering on now (with exception to the treadle – not sure when that went – powered by a makeshift connecting rod and a plank of wood).

Hi Jeremy - I’d appreciate a copy of the article if you have one to spare. I don’t know what covers, but I understand it’s ‘definitive’!
A repair or upgrade might make sense - I think a handguard was retrofitted at some point although it’s not fitted now.
(It’s number 2339….)