Casting display type

Morning all; apologies for repeat posting, but it seems the last time I tried this, none of the links work. Hopefully everything’s working now.

We’ve set up a page on which you can register your interest in 14pt-72pt type. Normally we have to pay a hire charge to cast these larger sizes, but if enough people want it we can absorb it, and keep everyone’s costs down.

On the page, we’ve listed all the available typefaces and sizes, and you can register your interest for however many you like. You won’t have to pay anything until the required number of people have signed up to that particular typeface and size.

Excitingly, we already have one taker for 72pt Caslon (a beautiful face, and the largest size it’s possible to cast); if that’s something you’re interested in, then please do sign up.

Of course, the more people who know about this, the more likely it is that the system will take off, so please do spread the word. Hopefully, this will mean that more printers will be able to use good quality type, and the quality of printing will continue to be high.

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