Moving Challenge Paper Cutter

Hi I’m new here. I just recently purchased a Challenge Paper Cutter Style F 230 inch and I was wondering if anyone has experience moving one. Can it be easily taken apart for transport or do I have to move it whole?

Also does anyone know any movers in the Chicago area that can possible move this?


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I just moved my cutter and press today, with a few guys, a furniture dolly, and some planks you’ll be fine. I had a flatbed trailer with a ramp from uhaul, only cost about $30 and its better than having to lift it into a truck. Unless your truck bed is the same height as the cutter and you could slide it off the table.

Always good to have extra people around to lend a hand.

I moved mine (22 1/2”) on a little snowmobile flatbed trailer with a friend. If you are really paranoid remove the blade beforehand, otherwise put the blade down and tie the handle so it doesn’t shift if grabbed onto. These are effectively tabletop cutters from Challenge, and are far less difficult to move than the floor model machines.

I agree about securing the handle down so the blade is secure. However, if you have the carrying sheath for the blade I would recommend removing it first and putting it in the carrier. But if you unbolt the cutter from the base, two guys can pick it up and put it in the back of a pickup truck. I moved one just like it a few years ago from Cleveland, Ohio to Indianapolis, Indiana. Putting it on a flat movers dolly to and from the truck will be helpful.

I would recommend that you remove the blade and the handle. Then there are no worries. They are simple to remove on these cutters. Reason being is (1) If when carrying the cutter anything can go wrong. Someone might not be able to pull their weight. (2) Should that happen then there’s a possibility that the handle could be grabbed in fear and snap it off.
Do these two things, and a couple of strong guys can pick it up. I wouldn’t pick it up off the table then lower to the ground on a dolly just to pick it up again. Grab it, growl and go with it.


have the same cutter moved it last fall
took cutter off base
used a rented engine hoist to pick it up and
set on a 4 wheel dolly
did not remove blade or handle
put a old offset blanket under the clamp
lowered the blade and lashed the handle down

whole thing fit in the back of a PT Cruiser
with the rear seats removed

it is easy with two people
more time and work solo

yours truly

Hi All,

Thanks for all of the replies!

I am most likely going to move it next week. I’ll keep updating.

I moved my 19 inch in the back of my VW Golf.. sadly not the stupidest thing I have done but it worked just fine. Was harder to get it out than anything, carried it with 3 people.

So with three other people I only managed to move the stand. The paper cutter is still in its original location.

We did not anticipate the weight of the cutter. So now I am in the process of hiring a moving company.

another option if its not too late is to do what a lot of people do to move presses..

Use a pry bar to get the cutter onto flat boards ( 2 - 2x4s ) paralell to each other. Then using the pry bar put steel bars ( 1 inch or so ) underneath. Roll it and move the bars as it goes along.

Get it to the ramp on a trailer, put a strap around it and pull it up the trailer ( off the bars now ) with a hand winch. Myself and a friend did this with a 10x15 platten press and it worked great.

A funny story ( now ).. when I took back the trailer and told the rental guy what I did with it, he said.. ” gee why did not you rent the trailer that comes with the electric winch?”

I’ll repeat my cherished belief in the use of a hydraulic floor shop crane for lifting such items. I would rent such a crane from a tool rental, along with an appliance dolly. Lift the cutter, place the dolly under it, lower it onto the dolly, roll it out to the truck or trailer you are using, pick it up with the crane and set it in the truck. If you have a level paved surface you can roll the crane up to the truck — if not, you can drive the truck under the cutter hanging from the crane. This entire operation can be done by one person, but a second helper to guide things helps a lot. Reverse the operation at the other end to unload. Piece of cake. You can also use the crane to set the cutter back on the stand without straining any muscles.


I’m with AdLib, i once moved a ludlow by myself with the crane.