Museum in Pretoria , South Africa open

Oops sorry!! Museum only needs one “m”

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sorry battling to attach photos

Be sure you don’t have any special characters or spaces in the photo file name — they’ll get rejected. Also the files need to be small — I think under 100kb. Not sure about the size limit.


Where is this in South Africa? My husband is from there and we go from time to time. I’d be interested in visitng:)

Anyone traveling to or living in South Africa might also want to visit Genadendal, an 18th century Moravian mission near Greyton, SA, with a printing exhibit among other picturesque sights. They have a rare Liberty platen press and a Columbian hand press. (If you go please collect information about the Liberty for my census of Liberty presses world-wide, and the maker’s info of the Columbian in case it was made in the USA.)


Thank you for info on uploading pictures,will try again,think mine was to big.

The museum is in Pretoria,Villieria,co Codonia and Terreblanche streets. On the premises of Oppiplaas.

Thank you
Gary van Dyk

Hi everyone
Ttrying again with the photos. This is from my museum in Pretoria,South Africa.
Buzy with the website will be online soon.

image: emlarger 1.jpg

emlarger 1.jpg

image: cpold2.jpg


image: copy.jpg


image: columbian2.jpg


image: albion.jpg


image: adana.jpg


Hi Bob
Ii am traveling to Greytown in December,will try to get the info you are after.
I would also love to see the Columbian Press.
Does someone know of more Culumbian Presses in South Africa?


Hello Gary

Great collection of equipment. Just wondering about your Albion and who made it and when. It looks very similar to my W. Notting 1887 Alexandra. I have seen pictures of Alexandras badged as Improved Albions. I think my press was sold by Notting’s Australian agent in Sydney, F. T. Wimble and Co. I assume that they also had a South African agent.


image: Press Downview 29.09.11.jpg

Press Downview 29.09.11.jpg

Hi Gary,

I see you got some good pictures up.
I and my kids enjoyed the visit to the museum very much .

I have been sloppy with the updates on the Letterpress SA site and have your museum and two other printers to add to the listings. I think you have the right plan and your collection has achieved a comfotable critical mass so it in not in any danger of fading away even if left unatended for a little while. It can only get better.

Will chat with you again by the by.


Idyllic Press/Calrose Typesetters/Letterpress SA
Johannesburg, South Africa

Thank you Kalle
I am receiving good feedback and people tend to donate equipment very quickly now that i have it on display.

I still need to get a bettr picture of th Albion for you.

Thank you

Someone wants to sell a Waite&shread Honley rulling machine no. 5042 style n.e. ,to the museum in Pretoria.
It is in a perfect working order and i have a book that is still in wrapping made on this machine.
Is it wort buying and what would be a good price.
Realy in perfect condition.

My museum is running and are getting a lot of attention from the printing industry.
Hoping to hear from someone

Gary, could you please contact me through Briar Press? I’d like to get some more information about your Columbian for the worldwide census of Columbian hand presses I’m compiling for this year’s 200th anniversary of their invention. I’m particlularly interested in who the manufacturer was, the date and serial number if they are there, and the dimensions of the platen. I have the photo of the press from your earlier BP posting. Thanks!