Rubber Stamp with Photopolymer Plate

Hi there, going to seem like an odd, question. I thought it was when it was asked of me..

Has anyone used a photopolymer letterpress plate to make a rubber stamp? I had a customer ask me if I could make a stamp.. not sure what the difference is between the two.

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Rubber stamps are a softer durometer rubber, i think the harder poly plate material won’t take the rubber stamp ink very well. They do make a softer polymer for. rubber stamps

We’ve tried using deep relief photopolymer (KF152) plate material to create a rubber stamp, but as dickg mentioned, it’s simply too hard to accept/transfer ink very well. The result tends to look a bit blotchy. Your best bet is to have a custom rubber stamp made at a local shop.

Thanks everyone, I am going to use liquid polymer, setting up a plate making system - I have been told I can expose it with that. I did try the deep relief plate - agree - not good

I buy liquid polymer from Milineum Marking, they sell a polymer just for rubber stamps.

Hi Paul,

I use liquid polymer to create my polymer stamps. It works great. The exposure process is kinda similar to those harder polymeres.

Actually, I have a question for you all. :) Can I use a polymer stamp as a letterpressing? I wanna buy that Cuttlebug machine to emboss some cards and invitations, was wondering if this could work.

If a plate is soft enough to rubberstamp, it is way too soft for embossing.