Traditional Book Arts Museum and Printing Office

Many of you have enjoyed my various web pages detailing the growth of my letterpress collection and efforts to rescue and restore equipment. There are three things to share. First, I redefined my operation as the Traditional Book Arts Museum and Printing Office. I am planning to involve the community more in maintaining the “museum shop” and using my presses and equipment, which includes platen presses, proof presses, automatic cylinder presses, paper cutters, and lots of type.

My shop was featured recently on the “Forgotten Fort Collins” web blog: (yes, the Hoe press picture is being corrected)

I have recently collaborated with a local Fort Collins book store and publisher, Wolverine Farm. They have acquired a building near downtown and have invited me to set up a small letterpress shop in this space, for demos, workshops, and printing projects. The building needs some renovation and moving the presses will be a chore. They’ve launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise necessary funds, and we hope to open this Fall. Please be part of this effort and your help I appreciated! There are some nice perks being offered. Also, Wolverine Farm is a non-profit and your contributions are tax deductible.

We only have a few days to go:

John M Jenkins
Oak Root Press
Traditional Book Arts Museum and Printing Office

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