photopolymer plates

Can someone give me some good advice re: purchasing photopolymer material for making my own plates? I have looked and looked online and I’m not having any luck.
Thank you!

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Well, we sell unexposed plates:

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Boxcar Press will sell you raw material at a good price.

If you intend to buy in quantity you might want to look around. The information is out there.


Anderson Vreeland for quantity is another option.

Currently, if you are buying Toyobo brand plates in carton, Elum will swing you the best deal.

Anderson & Vreeland is a bit obscene in its pricing of the Toyobo polyester-backed plates. Not so much on the steel-backed.

Boxcar would be the better deal if you are not buying in quantity, but their offerings are primarily for the polyester-backed plates.

Currently. Stay tuned:—)


I purchase steel backed plates from Boxcar Press (they do indeed supply them) simply because my volume of work for photopolymer would make purchasing in full case lots foolish. The plates would be beyond their useful life before I would have used them up.

I have to say that Boxcar has been very good in handling the orders and getting the plates out to me in a very timely manner.

I don’t mind paying a bit extra for the plates, knowing that they will be fresh when I need them.

John Henry

Thank you!

Indeed AV is really obscene with their KF95 pricing, their MEX office quoted $1,600 USD for a 20 A2 carton.. ouch.
Best to go with Elum or Boxcar.. Does anyone have any other source?

Tyopbo relief plates, BASF, Flint Corporation, not sure of USA suppliers…Macdermid?

Basf is part of the Flint Group, the plates can be gotten from

A&V may send a aged plate if it is a slow mover and there is no recourse.

This is my contact at Anderson Vreeland he has been great to deal with.

Yvan Desrosiers [email protected]