Help with furniture


I need help with the size and amount of furniture needed for my Pearl #3. It’s 7x11 and my base is 6x9.


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*deep relief base

Unless you’re planning on using movable type, you should only need a 4-5 pieces of reglet and a pair of quoins to lockup your base.

its good to have a nice set. I have 5 chases. One has the BC base in it as mentioned above. It never moves. I have another with capital “M”s in each corner that I use to level the press. Another one for dies and another one I use for the odd wooden type play around project. I bought a box of used furniture on Ebay, told the guy what press and he put a box together for me, very helpful. I have lots left over but nothing excessive.

PM me if you like, I will dig up the info. It was not too expensive.